Learn about our shared commitment to four core principles: inclusion, diverse methods, the arts and mutual learning.


Our programs are designed to promote the development of healthy, positive and nurturing individuals.


Making a difference in a child’s life is at the heart of everything we do. Get to know our staff.

Our Mission

Shady Lane engages young children, families, and educators in a high-quality learning community.

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Our holistic program not only includes but celebrates differences in race, socio-economic status, culture, religion, physical and cognitive ability.

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Diverse Methods

We focus on the diverse talents, experiences and methods developed by lead educators and team members.

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The Arts

Direct interaction with the arts is used as an outlet for children to express their imagination and enhance their growth and development.

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Mutual Learning

Children learn the value of living, learning and playing in a relationship with others. This approach supports future learning and growth.

Our Classrooms

Shady Lane's staff and educators take great pride in creating a school where educators listen, parents participate and children thrive and flourish. Our educational program responds to the individual strengths and developmental needs of each child. In the process, we help your child grow as an individual, in relationship with others and the worlds of materials and ideas.

Throughout the day, our students are exposed to a range of activities that allow them to learn in different modes and make meaningful connections. Children emerge from Shady Lane more giving, confident, independent, curious and able to solve problems and resolve conflict.

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Children six weeks to 12 months benefit from a 4:1 ratio, allowing for individualized interactions to best care for each child’s needs. Children’s cultures and families are represented in a variety of ways as we highlight childcare as an extension of the home.

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Young Toddlers

Children 12 to 24 months benefit from a 5:1 ratio, providing a safe environment where children have the freedom to move about and play. Our young toddlers thrive on new experiences and build on previous knowledge to improve coordination, increase communication skills and further develop thinking and reasoning.

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Toddlers (Must be 2 years old)

Embracing the two-year-old’s new sense of independence, self-awareness, creativity and playfulness, educators in our toddler program focus on physical, sensory, language and social development. Our toddlers enjoy a play-centered environment, with quiet choices and calming periods to pace their day.

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Three Year Olds (Must be 3 years old)

Our educators encourage and support three-year-olds in becoming partners in play. At this stage problem solving and conflict resolution skills are introduced. Our preschool classrooms are stimulating learning environments that encourage the development of individual and group ideas.

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Four Year Olds (Must be 4 years old)

Four-year-olds experience a daily mix of teacher- and student directed activities including group time with stories and songs, dramatic play, art and writing activities, puzzles and games, as well as active gross-motor play. Our Pre-K curriculum focuses on each child’s growing independence, expanding interest in the environment and their rapidly developing social skills.

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Mixed Age (Must be 3 years old)

Our Mixed Age classrooms allow children to experience a consistent classroom setting and teaching team for two years, being mentored by older children at first, and then having a year as a "leader" during the second. This sets the stage for children to grow within a supportive and loving atmosphere, open to many new and interesting ideas.

Our People

Great schools begin with dedicated, generous and positive people.

At Shady Lane, a dedicated team of educators leads each classroom. Our educators fall into one of two categories, signifying their role in the classroom and level of education and/or experience. Lead Educators are senior members of the staff who are both qualified by education/experience and service at Shady Lane to be responsible for their classroom's schedule, curriculum and day-to-day functioning. Educators are important members of the classroom team who serve as co-educators, rather than assistants, and bring their own skills and experience to the classroom.

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Administrative Staff

Photo of Becky Flaherty

Becky Flaherty
Executive Director
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Jodi Davenport
School Director
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Megan Salinetro
Program Coordinator
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Lauren Bethea
Development Associate
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Polly Lipkind
Professional Development Director
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Carey Morschl
Facilities Manager
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Carolyn Simpson
Office Administrator
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Board of Directors

As a charitable nonprofit, Shady Lane is governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors that includes current and alumni parents and other community members. We recognize and thank our current Board Members here.

Steve Morrow

Sarah Byrne-Houser

Lori Gunn

Vicki Crowley

Jordan Ball

Mitzi Kweder


Jessi Marsh

Phil Koch

Leon Parker

Carl Skipper

Paula Suhrbier

Becky Flaherty
Executive Director (Non-voting, ex officio)

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