We engage young children, families, and educators in a high-quality learning community.

Shady Lane School is a high-quality program and is awarded Four Stars by PA Keystone Stars and is NAEYC-accredited.

Our Philosophy

Shady Lane is committed to the diversity, equity, and inclusion of its families and the community we serve by way of increased awareness and understanding, implemented practices, and respect for an individual's race, culture, religion, gender identity, and ability. We strive to provide equitable opportunities for each child through accessible resources and high-quality educational experiences, in hopes that each child in our care will become not only successful, but passionate, empathetic, and forward-thinking/progressive members of their community.

Shady Lane has developed and implemented a school-wide social emotional curriculum and tiered approach to behavioral health for all students committed to four core principles:


Diverse Methods

We focus on the diverse talents, experiences and methods developed by lead educators and team members.



Our holistic program not only includes but celebrates differences in race, socio-economic status, culture, religion and physical and cognitive ability.


Mutual Learning

Children learn the value of living, learning and playing in relationship with others. This approach supports future learning and growth.


The Arts

Direct interaction with the arts is used as an outlet for children to express their imagination and enhance their growth and development.

Our Classrooms

Shady Lane's staff and educators take great pride in creating a school where educators listen, parents participate and children thrive and flourish.

Our Classrooms ➝


Great schools begin with dedicated, generous and positive people.

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We welcome families from many backgrounds and encourage them to contribute to the life and passion of our school.

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Support Us

Shady Lane is a charitable nonprofit organization. Many families volunteer to help raise funds to support the School. Donations of funds, goods and services are always welcome and appreciated.

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